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Chromium powder PH1M TU 14-1-1474-75 reduced

Chromium powder is manufactured according to TU 14-1-1474-75 and is classified as refurbished products. The material is chrome PH1M. Chrome is a hard metal. Characteristics: Density – 7.19 g/cm³. Melting point - 1856 degrees Celsius. Boiling point – 2671 degrees Celsius. Molar volume – 7.23 cm³/mol. Color – dark grey. Advantages: Wide scope of application. Long service life. High melting point. Corrosion resistance. Hardness. One of the most common alloying elements. Significantly improves the properties of metals when added. Classification of alloys: X99N1, X99N2, X99N4, X99N5 - contains the largest amount of chromium (99.00%). There is also an impurity in the form of nitrogen. PH-1, PH-2 – grades of metallic chromium, chromium content is 99.12 and 99.8%. ERKh-0, ERKh-1, ERKh-2 – grades of high purity chromium, the content of the main substance is 99.95 and 99.99%. It is produced in flake and powder formats. Reduced chromium powder PKH1M TU 14-1-1474-75 acts as an alloying element in stainless steels and is used in galvanic coatings. Widely used in the aerospace industry. Main characteristics Characteristics Value Material chrome Material grade ПХ1М GOST TU 14-1-1474-75 Manufacturer Own production Buy chrome powder ПХ1М TU 14-1-1474-75 restored in "Spetsmetallurgy - Moscow" at the manufacturer's price. To order, call us at the specified number or leave a request on the website. ADVANTAGES: Products sold undergo quality control to ensure compliance with domestic and foreign quality standards. We work with trusted suppliers (JSC Red October, PJSC TMK, PJSC Ashinsky Metallurgical Plant , OJSC "UMMC", PJSC "MECHEL" and many others); Wide range of products. We produce complex metal products according to your drawings. Support at all stages of the order, fast feedback. Warehouse premises in most regional centers of Russia and Kazakhstan. Flexible system of discounts on products. Deferred payment. IMPORTANT! We work only with legal entities. We supply small and large wholesale. The invoice is valid for three working days. After this period, be sure to check with your manager about the relevance of the account.

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