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Reduced chromium powder PH1S TU 14-1-1474-75

Buy chromium powder PH1S TU 14-1-1474-75 reconstituted with delivery to anywhere in the Russian Federation and CIS countries from NPK "Special Metallurgy". Chromium powder PH1S is a finely dispersed, finely ground chromite produced by reduction from chromium oxide (two-stage grinding). Gray in color, the particles represent a rhombic lattice. Chrome powder TU 14-1-1474-75 has varieties, according to the granulometric composition: M – fine chrome powder (ПХ1М, ПХ2М) C – medium chrome powder (ПХ1С, ПХ2С). According to the particle size: PC1M, PC2M - less than 125 microns, PC1S, PC2S - less than 150 microns. Advantages of reduced chromium powder: When chromoalitizing critical parts, the high quality of the diffuse layers is maintained Low levels of nitrogen and carbon (and other harmful impurities) High level of formability and compactability of the powder without the use of plasticizers Stable when the temperature exceeds 1000°C. Areas of application of PKH1M powder: Production of welding electrodes, tape, surfacing wire Production of powder metallurgy parts Application of chromium coatings For vacuum deposition installations, creation of chromium targets and cathodes. Main characteristics. Characteristic Value Material Chrome Material grade ПХ1С NTD TU 14-1-1474-75 The price list is updated weekly, is for informational purposes only and under no circumstances is it a public offer determined by the provisions of Part 2 of Art. 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

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