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Manganese dioxide

Manganese dioxide powder, Georgia | pigment Natural Manganese Dioxide powder Manganese Dioxide granulated, Georgia | reagent for water purification Natural Manganese Dioxide granulated Application: In the chemical industry: for the production of Mn and its compounds, in the production of drying oils, oils, waxes, chemical reagents, catalysts and medications. In the paint and varnish industry: as a pigment and drier. Pyrolusite is the most common black pigment, hiding power is 40 g/m. In dry form, add no more than 5% to the mass of the binder. It is a component of the brown pigment “Umbra”. In metallurgy: as an oxidizing agent in the hydrometallurgy of zinc and copper, during steel smelting (cleanses it of sulfur and phosphorus compounds). In the electrical industry in the production of dry galvanic cells as a depolarizer. In glass melting to destroy brown and green shades, in the manufacture of porcelain. In construction: in the production of sand-cement, concrete, ceramic products, artificial stone (granite and marble), for volumetric coloring in the production of sand-lime brick, paving slabs, etc. To obtain terracotta-colored red ceramic bricks, 0.25% manganese dioxide is added brick mass, to obtain brown - 0.5%. To color sand-lime brick, manganese dioxide is added in proportion to cement 1-5% to obtain colors from gray to black. Pyrolusite is also used as reagents for the purification of drinking and industrial waters, for gas purification, in the production of matches, in the leather industry, in the production of enameled sanitary ware and household goods. Granular pyrolusite is mainly used in various water treatment systems and gas treatment systems. Packaging: 25 kg bags, 1200 kg big bags with the possibility of bottom unloading. More details at,

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