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Titanium ingot VT1-2 GOST 19807-91

Buy titanium ingot VT1-2 GOST 19807-91 with delivery to anywhere in the Russian Federation and CIS countries from NPK Special Metallurgy. Titanium ingot VT1-2 is a product made of titanium alloy in the form of a bar. It has a characteristic silver color. It is produced by casting ore into special molds, after which it is subject to hardening. The final product is a blank material for the production of the necessary titanium hardware. Varieties of titanium ingots GOST 19807-91 according to the type of task orientation: VT6 - increased strength and ductility, contains aluminum and vanadium OT4 - reduced strength, but very good workability, contains magnesium VT14 - the highest degree of strength, is well processed in a heated state, annealing VT1 is used -0, VT1-00 – low strength, technical titanium. Advantages of using titanium ingot: Low density, but significant strength. The most convenient form of storing titanium for transportation and use. High corrosion resistance. Heat resistance. Wear resistance. Directions for using the ingot: Rolled metal, as a semi-finished product for the manufacture of finished products Chemical industry Medicine and pharmacology, for the production of prosthetics, various equipment In the creation of objects intended to work with low temperatures. Main characteristics. Characteristics Value Material Technical titanium Material grade VT1-2 NTD GOST 19807-91 The price list is updated weekly, is for informational purposes only and under no circumstances is it a public offer determined by the provisions of Part 2 of Art. 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

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  • from 90 to 99%
  • 99-100%

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