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Titan VT1-0, VT20, VT22, VT14, PT3V, VT3-1, OT4, OT4-1

I will sell titanium, I will arrange delivery of TK. Circle OT4 f35mm. 12.6kg. Circle OT4 f45mm. 12.4kg. Circle OT4 f110mm. 33.8kg. Circle VT1-0 f50mm. 12.4kg. Circle VT5-1 f35mm. 24.6kg. Circle VT6 f130mm. 11.8kg. Circle VT9 f65mm. 10.6kg. Circle VT3-1 f14mm. 145kg Circle VT3-1 f35mm. 14.8 kg Wheel VT3-1 f90mm. 18.8 kg Wheel VT20 f110mm. 59kg Wheel VT22 f12mm. 434.9 kg Wheel VT22 f140mm. 212kg Wheel VT22 f160mm. 120kg Circle VT23 f88mm. 18kg Circle VT5V f125mm. 86.8 kg Wheel VT6 f130mm. 41kg Circle VT8 f210mm. 305kg Sheet VT1-0 0.8x1000x1000mm. 25.7kg. Sheet VT1-0 1x1000x1560mm. 7.6kg. Sheet VT1-0 3x870x940mm. 12.6kg. Sheet VT1-0 4x960x1330mm. 22.6kg. Sheet VT1-0 5x970x1350mm. 27.3kg. Sheet VT1-0 11x275x1030mm. 14.6kg. Sheet VT1-0 10x1000x1500mm. 68kg Sheet VT1-0 8x545x2240mm. 45kg Sheet OT4 0.5x600x1500mm. 8.2 kg Sheet OT4-0 0.5x600x1500mm. 6.4 kg Sheet OT4-0 0.8x600x1600mm. 6.4 kg Sheet OT4-0 0.8x800x2000mm. 6.2 kg Sheet SP40 3.5x1000x2000mm. 32.8 kg Sheet SP40 3.5x1200x2000mm. 76kg Sheet VT1-0, 1.5x800x1000mm. 15.5kg. Sheet VT1-0, 1.5x1000x1660mm. 24kg. Sheet VT1-0, 2x190x1000mm. 2kg. Sheet VT1-0, 3x820x970mm. 12kg. Pipe VT1-0, diameter 10x1.4mm. 3000mm. 84kg. Pipe VT1-0, diameter 70x2mm. 2840mm. 150kg. Pipe PT3V, diameter 325x28mm. 600mm. 74kg. Circle BrkMts3-1, f6mm. 3000mm. 10kg. Sheet 06ХН28МДТ, 2x710x1425mm. 116kg. Sheet 06ХН28МДТ, 2.5x600x2020mm - 2 pcs., 710x1410mm - 4 pcs. 124kg. Sheet 06ХН28МДТ, 3x515x980mm; 530x1300mm. 28kg. Sheet 10Х17Н13М2Т, 25х980х1530mm. 402kg. Sheet 20Х23Н18, 40х710х1500mm. 2 pcs; 1495x6000mm. 4 things. 6248kg. Sheet XN32T, 10x600x1340mm. 64kg. Sheet XN32T, 12x400x1280mm. 46kg. Sheet XN32T, 14x700x1205mm. 116kg. Sheet XN32T, 16x380x1550mm. - 2l. 154kg. Sheet 12Х18Н10Т, 24х660х1560mm. 252kg. Sheet 12Х18Н10Т, 30х430х950mm. 96kg. Sheet 12Х18Н10Т, 42хф440mm. 50kg. Sheet 12Х18Н10Т, 45хф440mm. 54kg.

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