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Construction gypsum GOST 125-2018

Buy construction gypsum GOST 125-2018 Fast-hardening binder material - construction gypsum GOST 125-2018 - is extracted from gypsum stone or from the remains of raw materials from chemical production in accordance with current production standards. This substance is a natural sulfate mineral (calcium diacquasulfate). Its environmental friendliness is higher than many substances used in modern construction. Properties of building gypsum GOST 125-2018 When creating a material for pouring with subsequent hardening, cold water is added to the dry powder of building gypsum. When mixed, a reaction with water occurs, raising the temperature of the mixture and increasing its volume. The setting time of the gypsum solution depends on the temperature of the mixture and the environment, the water proportion and the brand of the starting material. These parameters are presented in the table. Characteristics of building type gypsum Properties of gypsum Setting time index Setting time, minutes Start of the process, no earlier Completion of the process, no later than Rapid hardening A 2 15 Normally hardening B 6 30 Slow hardening B 20 - Hardened gypsum building material is very strong and durable, withstands at least 15 –20 freeze/thaw cycles. Gypsum is capable of withstanding temperatures of 600–700 °C; at elevated temperatures it releases moisture, stopping combustion. Application of building gypsum Gypsum material is used for quick fixation of parts in the installation of equipment or when creating forms. Can be used as an additive to plaster or putty mixtures. Construction gypsum GOST 125-2018 is widely used: when carrying out construction installation or repair work; for the manufacture of products, models and dishes in various industries, etc. You can also add impurities to the composition when preparing the potting or adhesive mass. Order construction gypsum GOST 125-2018 at a wholesale price. PKF Non-Ferrous Metallurgy Company sells high-quality building materials with the possibility of delivery throughout Russia and the CIS countries. Our company offers to buy building gypsum at the best price by contacting us by email or phone.

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