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Construction clay with delivery

CLAY is a unique material for construction and production. As a result of natural sediment and leaching of rocks, a plastic natural material of various colors is formed, which today is known as building clay, consisting mainly of kaolinite - a mixture of aluminum oxide and silicon. In addition to kaolinite, clay contains clay minerals, including quartz and carbonate additives. The main property inherent in clay is its high plasticity, complemented by the ability to harden under certain conditions. The next useful property of building clays is the ability, when compacted and shrinked, to form a kind of monolith, which, for example, during the construction of dirt roads can serve as the basis for a road surface. In addition, hardened clay has fairly high mechanical strength, which at the same time is compensated by a certain fragility. Our company carries out both the sale and delivery of a variety of building materials and, of course, you can purchase the required amount of building clay at an affordable price at any time. Payment: cash and bank transfer, excluding VAT. Call! Same day delivery possible! You can place an order by calling 8-927-527-18-30

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