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White crushed quartz fine 5-8 cm

White crushed fine quartz, fraction 50-80 mm.

Natural quartz white crushed stone for heaters of sauna stoves, electric heaters, heaters with mesh pipes.
Packaging - sealed bags of 10 kg.
Color - white, milky white, bright white.
The size is small, the diameter of quartz stones is from 5 to 8 cm.
White quartz stone of fine fraction is calibrated, washed and packaged in a sealed bag.

Pure quartz bath stone from a warehouse in Novosibirsk. Pickup or delivery in Novosibirsk, to the transport company terminal.

We are waiting for you in Novosibirsk at the address: st. Dunaevskogo, 16A
Opening hours: from 9 to 19, no lunch, Sunday from 10 to 15.

Pickup or delivery. Come to us or we will arrange delivery throughout Novosibirsk and Novosibirsk,
we will send via Yandex delivery,
We will take you to the transport company’s terminal for shipment within Russia.

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