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Diatomite crumbs 0-0.7 mm KDO TU 5716-012-25310144-2010

Refractory materialsRefractories are special materials that can retain their functional properties for a long time when exposed to high temperatures. As a rule, they are made from mineral raw materials. Refractories are made from a variety of materials. Among them are silicon oxide, chromium, zirconium, carbon, carbide and other components. Their list is selected based on the temperature regime for which the refractory is designed. Based on their chemical composition, refractories are divided into 4 groups - zirconium, magnesia, aluminosilicate and siliceous. All refractories can be divided into two main groups. These are general purpose products as well as specialized products. Specialized refers to refractories manufactured for a specific thermal mechanism. In general, these heat-resistant products are used for the production of protective thermal screens, fireplaces, heating stoves, acid insulators, heater stoves and more. For you, we have a large assortment of refractory products in stock in Yekaterinburg. The calibrated circle 09G2S is sold by our company not only throughout Russia and CIS countries. Attention! The final price for products is determined based on the terms of delivery: quantity, terms of payment and place of shipment. Ask the manager. This information about the product, its price and availability, is for informational purposes only and under no circumstances is it a public offer defined by the provisions of Part 2 of Art. 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

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