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Perlite sand M-75

Expanded perlite, medium (0.16-2.5 mm), GOST 10832-91 – a highly effective porous material obtained by high-temperature firing of water-containing aluminosilicate perlite rock of volcanic origin. Non-toxic, lightweight, non-flammable, inert, durable, providing heat and sound insulation, 100% environmentally friendly natural material. It is absolutely safe for humans, does not cause allergic reactions or skin irritation, does not harm the indoor climate. It is especially important that it does not harbor any kind of pests and rodents, completely prevents the appearance of fungus and mold in rooms, and is able to withstand temperatures from -200 to + 825 S. Thanks to its unique properties, perlite has found application in many areas of human activity. It is used in construction as a heat-insulating backfill, for insulating individual cottages and houses (thermal insulation of floors, walls, roofs), as a filler in plaster solutions, including in the production of fire-resistant solutions and coatings, for filtering various liquids, for growing flowers and other types of seedlings, for storing root crops, as a sorbent, etc. Expanded perlite sand is one of the most highly effective insulation materials, recognized throughout the world. It is used both in its pure form as thermal insulation fills and in plaster mixtures, as a filler in the manufacture of thermal insulation and building materials, which allows not only to reduce their thermal conductivity by up to 50%, but also to reduce the weight and dimensions of various types of building materials by up to 40%. designs. Plaster mortars with a filler of 3 cm of expanded perlite sand are equal to 15 cm of brickwork.

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