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Granite pink screenings in 50 kg bags

A beautiful and inexpensive material - granite pink screening - today is most often used for landscape work in order not only to create a durable coating for paths, but also to make it decorative. The expressive color of the material is given by the predominance of minerals of the corresponding shade. Since pink screenings are a residual product from the production of granite crushed stone, its color and strength characteristics remain unchanged over an indefinitely long service life. It is important that the material has the property of good adhesion of fractions and excellent water permeability. Therefore, road surfaces always remain uniform: without dents, washouts, or puddles. Garden alleys, sports fields and other elements of landscape design, beautifully decorated with pinkish material, become especially attractive and practical. However, pinkish granite screenings are also successfully used as a filler for lightweight concrete products. Therefore, to carry out landscaping work and create garden architectural forms, you can buy this high-quality and affordable material for various functional purposes. We offer you to buy pink screenings of our own production from our company “Lucky Harvest” with delivery throughout St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. Call us on any day of the week, we will instantly place your order. You can buy screenings in bags for delivery or pickup. If you purchase at least 10 bags of material, then we will deliver the cargo to any point in the city and the Leningrad region using our company’s transport. Unloading will be carried out by experienced specialists at the exact location you specify. You can independently deliver the paid material by coming to our shipping warehouse, which is located near the exit from St. Petersburg in the direction that is optimal for your route. We have several similar points in different places around the city, so customers are always satisfied with the thoughtfulness of our logistics. The delivery time is minimal, but you can agree upon a convenient day and time for you to receive the cargo when placing your order. We will carry out your order within the specified period. Now you know for sure that you can buy high-quality pink screenings at an affordable price right now from our company without any hassle. We recommend making a profitable purchase without delay!

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