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Gravel screenings 0-5, 0-8, 0-10 with delivery

The Kub Inert company offers to buy screenings, crushing screenings of gravel fractions 0-5 mm, 0-8 mm, 0-10 mm with delivery to Krasnodar. We deliver throughout the Krasnodar Territory. We will supply any bulk materials from the quarry: - Crushed gravel - Limestone crushed stone - Quarry sand - River sand - Cobblestone - Pebbles - Gravel Various types of mixtures: - Gravel-sand mixture GPS - Sand-gravel mixture ASG - Crushed stone-sand-gravel mixture ShchPGS - Natural gravel-sand mixture Cars: three- and four-axle dump trucks Kamaz, Shakman with a body volume of 10 to 20 cubic meters, Tonar dump semi-trailers with a volume of up to 35 cubic meters. The application must be filled out by phone. We deliver on time. Continuous control of shipment by the dispatcher. The cost of delivery is calculated individually in each individual case and depends on the distance from the site (quarry) to the place of unloading

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