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River sand, quarry sand

Quarry sand Sfera-NN LLC provides its services for the delivery of one of the most common types of sand - quarry sand. Usually, quarry sand is extracted in quarries from the watered layers of deposits using a hydromechanized method, which improves its quality characteristics. It may contain stones and clay. If there are a lot of stones in the quarry sand, then it is no longer used for anything other than spreading under the foundation or under the roads. In this case, it is sown. Quarry sand is used in road and housing construction, in concrete production and, as a rule, is not of high quality. It meets all the requirements of construction organizations. The low cost of quarry sand determines its use in road construction, etc. Although quarry sand is classified as a construction material, its extraction in some deposits has high technical characteristics. According to the main characteristics, quarry sand corresponds to a high filtration coefficient (from 3 meters), second class with a fineness module from 1.8 to 2.5, as well as a low content of dust and clay particles.

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