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River sand with delivery

The Kub Inert company offers to buy with delivery: Washed fine-grained river sand Coarse-grained quarry sand, fraction 0-5 Complete set of construction projects: gravel crushed stone, limestone crushed stone (Bear Mountain), excavated soil, river sand, quarry sand, construction clay, crushed stone screenings, gravel - sand mixture of GPS, sand-gravel mixture of ASG, gravel, pebbles, cobblestones, cobblestones. Broken bricks, crushed bricks Crushed stone in the quarries of Belorechensk, Medved Mountain. All materials supplied by us have appropriate certificates. We work by cash and non-cash payments without VAT. When considering mutually beneficial proposals, we are ready to enter into agreements for joint activities Delivery by Kamaz and Tonar road transport.

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