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We offer crushed stone wholesale by rail and river at manufacturer prices from leading mining enterprises in Russia (Arkhangelsk, Karelia, the Urals, Lipetsk, Krasnodar Territory, Rostov Region) and are confident in the high quality and reliability of our products. All the materials we sell are distinguished by excellent characteristics and optimal consumption rates. From us you can purchase crushed stone by railcars and vehicles of such varieties as: Granite crushed stone. Highly durable, made by crushing rocks. Limestone crushed stone. The increased popularity is due to the low cost; Slag crushed stone. An excellent filler for concrete at an affordable price; Rubble stone. Relevant for various finishing and construction works; Screening granite. A by-product of rock processing; Construction mixtures PShchS and AGS. Basalt crushed stone Gabbro-diabase We have great capabilities and can satisfy the needs of any client who has ordered crushed stone with rail delivery by wagons (crushed stone in dump cars, hoppers, gondola cars) to the site. Our materials are irreplaceable: In all areas of construction: from laying roads to erecting industrial buildings; In the production of asphalt concrete mixtures and concrete of various strength grades; Sand size module 2.5-3.2, delivery by wagons and river.

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