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Mica muscovite (mica colmatant)

Production and supply of mica fraction 0-1 mm. Shipment from 10 tons. Delivery by road and rail (from 20 tons) throughout Russia and the CIS. Packaging: Big bag (BIG), 25 kg bags on pallets. Volume discounts. Production and supply of oil well cement of various brands. It is possible to produce cement mixtures according to customer specifications. Packaging: Big run (MKR), 50 kg bags. Delivery by road and rail (from 20 tons) throughout Russia and the CIS. Special conditions for commercial enterprises. Volume discounts. We offer for supply: PCT-III-Ob 4, 5, 6-50 (100) PCT III-Ut 0(1,2,3) RTM-50 (75), TsTR - expanding cement cement TsTO-3 (4) ( 5) lightweight cement cement TsTOR (A) (KM) lightweight expanding cement TsTU - weighted cement cement TsTAR-1 (2) reinforced-expanding cement TsTRN (PV) expanding cement for low temperatures TsTT-1 (2) (3) heat-resistant cement TsTTR-1 (2) (3) expanding heat-resistant cement TsTKS corrosion-resistant cement Arctic oil well cement ShPTsS-120 (200) slag-sand oil well cement mixtures Products of our enterprise: Microcalcite Dolomite (limestone) flour for soil deoxidation Limestone flour for animal feed Marble chips Marble crushed stone Colmatant Pine nut shell Ground seashell Oil well cement Barite concentrate ground siderite Marble sand Mineral powder. Ural Plant of Cementing Materials is your reliable supplier of mineral fillers. To purchase products or clarify the cost, you can contact the sales department.

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