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Peat in bags in St. Petersburg, neutral seeded peat.

Peat in bags of 50 liters and in bulk from 2 cubes. High-moor peat is formed in the top layer of soil, which is appropriately called the peat layer. This layer of natural peat usually does not exceed 0.5 m. The next types of peat are light peat (light) and heavy peat (dark). Light peat is mainly top peat with a low degree of decomposition, but with a high ability to absorb water and gas. Heavy peat is formed from the lower layers and contains a high humus content, but less pronounced gas and water absorption properties. Among the population who likes to engage not only in landscaping their garden plots, but also among amateur gardeners, the use of this type of mixture as peat-based vegetable soil is widely in demand. This popularity is explained by the following composition of the mixture: 60% peat and 40% soil. These components undergo mechanical sieving followed by the addition of fertilizers and minerals. Peat without the above impurities is not suitable for all plants, as it has high acidity. In order to reduce this indicator, soil and other useful substances are added (lime, nitrogen, potassium fertilizers, phosphorus, etc.). The use of raw peat and its processing make it possible to obtain a lot of useful properties and valuable products: peat for toilets, fuel, peat for vegetable garden, which is used to fertilize plants. The composition of peat determines its use for medical purposes (acid peat has a lot of medicinal properties).

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