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Scrap steels 09G2S, st10-20, 13KhFA, 15Kh5M, 12Kh18N10T, 10x17n13m2t, ferroalloys

We buy industrial scrap pipes, beams, containers. 09G2S, st10-20, 13KhFA, 15Kh5M, 09gsf, 10g2fby, 12Kh18N10T, 10Kh17N12M2T (we’ll help you do chemical analysis). Business rolled metal circles 09G2S, 12x18n10t. Ferroalloys (ferromolybdenum, ferrovanadium, ferrosilicon, ferrotitanium). High prices, cash/non-cash payments. Possibility of purchasing in your city.

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