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We will buy surplus cables, scrap cables, used cables.

300 00000 RUB
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The UralKabel cable processing enterprise purchases on an ongoing basis, at high prices, any volumes of copper and aluminum cable scrap, cable trimmings, cable surplus, used cable, cable from storage, cable from reserve, PVC cable, used oil submersible cable /u, power cable, telephone cable, control cable, cable in soil, rubber, steel, lead or aluminum sheath. Interested in copper and aluminum cable MKSB, KMB, KBP, KPBK, TPP, PPV, VVG, AVVG, AS, KVVG, TRV, P-296, P-270, as well as cable of any other brands. Pickup from any region of Russia. We are looking for partners for long-term cooperation!!! HIGH PRICES!!! QUICK CALCULATION!!!s. 89507435124 viber, WhatsApp, Chelyabinsk. E-mail:

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