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Up to 55 rub. I will buy waste polypropylene (PP). **Film** (in rolls, trim, baled) **scrap**, **sprues,** products**. Any colour.

To meet production needs we purchase: - I will buy foil film. I will buy metallized film. I will buy laminated film. In any form: with flexo printing, bags, trimmings, baled, in rolls, etc. - I will buy HDPE waste. I will buy polyethylene waste. In the form of: scrap, crushed pieces, products (pipes, boxes, bottles, tubes, caps, jars, containers, etc.). Any colour. - I will buy waste polypropylene. I will buy PP waste. In the form of: films, crushed pieces, scrap, products (pipes, bottles, jars, lids, bags, big bags, etc.). Any colour . - I will buy waste polystyrene (UPM, UPS). any colour. Cutting, die-cutting, trimming, sheet, products, crushed, products. - I will buy PET waste. Only in the form of a blister: cutting, die-cutting, sheet. The color is natural, transparent. Only production waste, warehouse surplus and leftovers. High purchase prices. Constant need. Pickup available Please!! Materials “for washing”, landfill collections, collections from the population, materials from sorting – do not offer. Attention: the price depends on the type of polymers: HDPE, PP, PS, PET, color, purity of the material, type of material (product, crushed material, scrap, etc.), delivery method, etc.

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