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Accounting services for individual entrepreneurs and limited liability partnerships.

2 400 00000 RUB
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Accountant services Accounting services for enterprises. Support, consultations. Preparation and submission of tax reports. Consulting on personnel issues. Consultations on legal issues. Drawing up the accounting policy of the enterprise. Drawing up contracts. Drawing up regulations on remuneration. Help for beginning accountants. Installation of tax programs. Accounting services restoration of accounting records maintenance of accounting records from any period Reporting preparation and submission of tax reports; preparation and submission of statistical tests; quarterly and annual retake of tax and statistical reporting - Processing, checking the correctness of execution and entering primary documentation into the electronic accounting and document management system, providing information about missing documents; — Reflection of all business transactions in accounting and tax accounting using an electronic accounting and document management system; — Formation of all forms of accounting and tax reporting, submission of reports to the Tax Inspectorate, funds and statistical authorities; — Payroll calculation, calculation of taxes and other obligatory payments; — Consulting on accounting, taxation and office work issues. Support: Support services may be needed in the following cases: if in an organization the main work is done by internal accounting, but there is no chief accountant, and it is necessary to close the period, calculate taxes, generate and submit tax and accounting reports. Control over the correctness of accounting and tax accounting in accordance with the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan on accounting. The advantages of transferring the function of preparing and submitting reports to an incoming chief accountant: it saves money on paying specialists. On average, the cost of services for the preparation and generation of reporting is 25% lower than the salary of an accountant. When you enter into a contract with a legal entity, you thereby reduce your dependence on the human factor, i.e. in conditions of company growth, changes in the type of activity, etc., and other changes in working conditions, there is no need to train and motivate the chief accountant. Training managers in the basics of accounting and 1C accounting.

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