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We provide qualified services for organizing the extraction of minerals in the form of hard rocks (coal and ore).

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National Coal Corporation (National Coal Corporation) in the country of Russia offers, under long-term contracts, services for organizing the extraction of mineral resources on an industrial scale, with the possibility of supplying heavy mining equipment such as excavators, dump trucks, bulldozers, etc.

Any complexity and climatic conditions.

Providing a full range of mining equipment in a volume of up to 500,000 tons per month.

Organization of service for the repair of this complex of equipment.

Providing fuel for the entire complex of equipment allowing the uninterrupted operation of the specified complex.

Selection of qualified human resources to work on this complex of equipment, with a full social package for employment, according to the program to increase jobs in the region of the work being carried out. With the involvement of local employment centers of the region involved in retraining. With the possibility of working on a rotational basis.

You must first provide an order plan for the necessary work.

The work is carried out after the conclusion of contract agreements, inspection of objects, design documentation, documents confirming the existence of a license agreement, scope of work under the license agreement, preparation of the necessary set of equipment recommended by the customer or a specialist of our corporation after agreement with the customer and preliminary financing of the work being carried out. According to estimates mutually agreed upon by the parties for the work. You can order services on our website -

  • Russian Federation

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