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Security of industrial enterprises (St. Petersburg)

Security of industrial enterprises (St. Petersburg) The security organization "Emperor" has been operating for more than 27 years and provides security services for all areas of business, including industry. Our specialists conduct a preliminary audit of the security of the facility before entering and draw up an individual commercial proposal for every client. The task of physical security of the Imperator company is to protect the client’s material assets, the lives of employees and visitors. Our services include activities for: • monitoring compliance with order at the facility and the surrounding area; • maintaining access control regime; • installation and maintenance of security equipment; • perimeter patrolling; • remote monitoring of the situation at the facility; • prompt response to any emergency situations; We analyze in detail the specifics of production, the area of the territory and its remoteness from transport routes. We assess potential dangers and real risks. We carry out an inventory and offer assistance in designing a security system. To clarify information about the security of your facility, leave a request on the website - or call 8 (812) 213-67-82 and 8 (495) 146 -67-82. Contact us, we will prepare individual terms of cooperation for you. Price on request

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