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Hello dear entrepreneurs, I am an investor, I invest only my own money, not credit. Not collateral, I spend a lot of time doing business in different directions, gathering active people who know what they want. I consider brilliant ideas in any direction, I participate as a partner in equal shares. I get not only money, but also assistance in management and legal support. solution to any problems, (full participation) from you, idea, knowledge of your business, be responsible for your actions, honesty, activity, decency, answer questions (there will be many of them.) I do not invest in government services, tenders, in repairs to your property , online stores (Caspian. Ozone), bets, exchanges, shops, car washes, service stations. Not interested in standard stupid ideas. Preferably with high margins, minimal risks. Before you write to me on WhatsApp, think and formulate your idea in a nutshell. If it is cost-effective, we will call and meet for a more detailed discussion. I may not answer right away, I’m constantly working. The number is Russian (this is so as not to be disturbed by calls
for nothing). Write to WhatsApp +79 231 664494

  • Kazakhstan
Scope of investment:
  • Acquisition of tangible assets
Investment form:
  • Share
Investment conditions:
  • Share

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