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Mobile cement warehouse

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c. Екатеринбург

A mobile cement warehouse is a small autonomous facility designed for the production of cement on construction sites and industrial enterprises. If necessary, it is possible to transport the mini “plant” to any other place of operation.
Storage and mixing of bulk cement mixtures, preparation of solutions, supply of the finished product to cement trucks and mixing plants.
Areas of application: Mobile cement warehouse replacement:
industrial enterprises of any type;
oil and gas production;
construction and major repair work.
Design Features:
It is an object of three combined sealed modules - a silo for dry bulk substances, a container for distribution and a compartment for preparation.
It’s easy to buy a mobile cement warehouse at NPK OboronMetKhim:
free consultation with a specialist on your application;
full support of the transaction;
discounts and bonuses.
We offer to purchase products in accordance with GOST, OST, AISI, TU, DIN, ASTM.
All proposed products from NPK OboronMetKhim undergo quality control inspection and are accompanied by a quality certificate or product passport.

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компактный , мобильный ,легко монтируемый .
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