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Industrial Gas Block Plant

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Gas block plant is a ready-made operating business! Located near the village of Zhambyl along the Astana highway.
House 80 m², workshop 340 m², land plot 50 acres, there is a 50 m well, 3rd phase 100 kW electricity is connected. The road has been built. All documents are legalized - purchase and sales agreement, GOST act, technical passport of the house, workshop available. Located along the Astana highway, nearby is the "Laura" concrete plant, a workshop for the production of profiled sheets, the Degirmen restaurant and the Green Market. The road to the plant from the highway is about 900 m. Urgent without bargaining.
Workshop without equipment price 75,000,000 tenge. with equipment 100,000,000 tenge.

ACM 60 -2022 release 25,000,000 tenge.
I bought ACM 60 for 36,000,000 and am selling for 25,000,000 tenge.

Sale by agreement.

Manufacturing for business.

You can cut your own hair at home using this equipment; the cost of 1 block will be 830 tenge. (Includes Cement, Sand, Chemicals, Workers, Electricity, Water, Own Premises, Pallets, Stretch Film).

On the ASM 60 conveyor equipment, 90 m3 can be sealed per day, everything is very convenient; there is a chamber installed in the area for drying the block. Including a ready-made line to produce high-quality blocks.
At the production facility, I will teach you everything and transfer the technology.

2 Plant ASM 60 is a full-fledged plant for the production of 60 m3 of gas block

Average profit per month from 13,000,000 tenge. with night shifts 29,000,000 tenge.

Everything works with sales, there are no problems, if necessary, I will help and I can stipulate assistance with sales in the purchase and sale agreement.

Not an urgent sale, the plant was bought for

1) I bought for 36,000,000 and am selling for 30,000,000 tenge.

I will teach you the entire recipe for making a gas block when selling it (you can’t find it on the Internet).

The plant is not an amateur line but a full-fledged enterprise

I am selling the plant due to a move, everything is working and you can safely earn good money.

When selling, I will explain everything completely and teach you.

There are no risks in the deposit.

Direct sale by Owner.

If you don't get through by phone, send an SMS and I'll call you back.

I hand over the main recipe with strict consistency strictly after payment.

Before purchasing, you can check all the equipment for serviceability and fill the molds during the day to see the quality of the Aerated Block and see how much the profit is.

Calculate the cost part 30 -35% Investments 70 -65%. I will explain the net profit on sale and show you everything about production.

The main thing is to find responsible staff who do not drink and are hardworking.

I can’t find the recipe on the Internet because it’s a trade secret and I’ll share it only after the sale.

It produces high-quality gas blocks of grade 1.2 such as Bonolit Portep Yutong without oxygen supply, which significantly reduces the consumption of cement and sand. Those who produce understand why.

Durable, warm, smooth aerated concrete blocks

The strength of the block corresponds to GOST strength; on the 7th day it is already possible to build from it

Can be used for additional volumes 2 installation or for building a cottage house or construction for load-bearing walls in New Buildings. Professional, not amateur.

Selling due to moving.

Productivity per day up to 90 m3 of quality 1st grade gas block

The line consists of

1) Activator-mixer - 1,200,000 tenge.
2) Screw conveyor for cement 6 m - 800,000 tenge.
3) frame + fastening + 2 dispenser with strain gauges for cement and sand - 800,000 tenge.
4) Automatic cutting complex -ARK. - 3,000,000 tenge.
5) 68 pallets and 34 sides, the size of each set is 2.40 long and 60 wide, 30 high, - 250,000 tenge each.
6) Vibrating sieve with vibrator for sand -200,000 tenge.
7) Conveyor belt for supplying sand. - 3,000,000 tenge.
8) pushers - 3 pieces - 400,000 tenge each.
9) Line control unit
10) Water dispenser with an automated capacity of 200 liters - 50,000 tenge.
12) Libra
13) carts - 2 pcs. - 200,000 tenge each.
14) Electrical panels and consoles!
15) cement silo for 15 tons - 2,000,000 tenge.
16) capacity for heating water 2,500 l. -80 000 tenge.

All strength indicators and can be used in any construction, both for load-bearing walls of an industrial level and for the construction of all types of houses, cottages, garages, swimming pools, storage rooms.

If necessary, I can show you how much you can earn on the line.

earn money. Everything is absolutely honest and transparent.

I will sell the line or exchange it for a decent car.

Whoever arrives first will pick it up, no deposit, direct sale.

I will pass on a recipe that you won’t find on the Internet when selling it. There is no bargaining.

The payback is very fast.

I will provide the supplier numbers for the purchase of raw materials, cement, sand, and all necessary chemical ingredients upon sale.

ON AVERAGE, a working staff of 5 responsible, properly trained workers can earn from 10-30 million tenge. on 68 forms.

The entire process from purchasing raw materials, preparation, sales, strictly after sales.

I can send you a video of production work on WhatsApp.

Selling on holidayzi with moving

Whoever arrives first will take it.

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