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Roadheader KP150


The KP150 roadheader is designed for mechanization of breaking and loading of rock mass during horizontal and inclined ± 18° mine workings of arched, trapezoidal and rectangular cross-sectional shapes, with an area from 10 to 35 m² during the construction of underground structures, in mines and coal mines, including hazardous due to gas and dust, as well as sudden emissions of rock, coal and gas.

When working in mines with an inclination angle greater than plus 18°, the combine harvester should be equipped with holding devices.

The minimum size of the excavation in height is 2.4 m, in width – 3.9 m. The maximum size of the excavation in height is 5.2 m, in width – 6.75 m. The uniaxial compressive strength of the undercut rocks is σcompressor ≤100 MPa, abrasiveness index up to 15 mg according to L.I. Baron and A.V. Kuznetsov. The size of the pieces of immersed rock mass is no more than 300 mm.

The combine can work in conjunction with various types of loaders (bridge, overhead, etc.), scraper conveyors and self-propelled mine cars.

The ambient temperature when harvesters are operating should be in the range from +5 to +35ºС. The excavation soil in the bottomhole zone should not be prone to deterioration and allow specific pressures of up to 0.14 MPa. It is necessary to have a water supply in the excavation that provides the supply of clarified water in an amount of at least 110 l/min.

Ventilation of the mine is carried out according to the standards adopted for this mine, approved for specific mining and geological conditions. Fresh air supplied to the face should not have an initial dust content of more than 1 mg/m³.

The KP150 roadheader, upon agreement with the consumer, can be manufactured in the following versions:

KP150-00 – harvester with remote control;

KP150-01 is a remote-controlled harvester complete with a bridge-type belt loader.

Characteristic name

Weight, t: 54.5 - 60.5

Installed power of electric motors kW 229

Actuator motor power, kW:

- for coal 2.5

- for rock ≤100 MPa 0.2

Maximum boom span of the executive body, m

- along the face width 7

- along the face height 5

Average specific pressure on soil, MPa

Overall dimensions in transport position, mm:

- length with rotating tail section of the conveyor 13

- track width 3

- height along the combine body 2

Cutting element type 80-85

Executive body: longitudinal-axial cutting bit

Loading table width, m: 3.4/3.6–4.3

drive type: hydraulic

Combine speed, m/min 1.2/10

Track width, mm 600

Gutter width, mm 550

Height of the passage window in the combine body, mm 400

Motor drive power, kW 2×15

Maximum pressure, MPa 180

Power of the pumping station drive motor, kW 45

Control system radio remote control

Rated voltage, V 660 or 1140

Current frequency, Hz 50

  • Russian Federation
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  • Tunneling
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  • Complete destruction
  • For cutting workings along a mineral seam
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