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Turnkey implementation of BIM

The implementation of a building information modeling (BIM) system is the implementation of a new technology in work, a new approach to design, a new level of organization of project management. Our specialists have extensive experience in designing and implementing BIM-class automated systems, which allows us to clearly identify the main problems that hinder the process of comprehensive automation of construction enterprises and ways to solve them.

To make radical changes across a large organization, its leadership requires not only desire, but also courage. Gradual changes in corporate policy occur constantly; this is a natural process. However, there is something that can radically change the entire construction industry - building information modeling (BIM) technology. To implement it under tight deadlines, limited funding and technical complexity of modern construction projects, it is necessary to solve a whole range of unique problems. What is required for the successful implementation of BIM in large construction companies with complex structures? Clear goals at each level of management and a structured approach that addresses each component of the organization's activities. Despite all the difficulties, more and more organizations are deciding to implement BIM, as this innovative technology can deliver tangible results. The implementation of BIM begins with the development of a concept at the highest level, but its success directly depends on ordinary employees who will use BIM technologies in their daily activities.

  • Kazakhstan

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