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Design of a mining and processing plant

The international company ESFC offers financing and engineering design of mining and processing plants (GOK) under an EPC contract.

✓ Project financing and investment consulting from ESFC Investment Group:

• from €50 million and more;
• investments up to 90% of the project cost;
• loan repayment period from 10 to 20 years;

To be considered for funding, please send the completed application form and presentation of your project to us by email.


The composition and properties of commercial materials are extremely diverse, as are the technologies for their extraction and enrichment.

The design of mining and processing plants is a complex task that is solved by multidisciplinary teams of engineers, geologists, architects, economists, marketers and other specialists.

Compounds of gold, silver, copper, zinc, iron, nickel, chromium, aluminum, titanium, lead - the range of valuable materials produced by mining and processing industry enterprises includes hundreds of items.

Each mining and processing complex project is a real challenge for engineering companies, requiring unique technical and logistics solutions.

Design of mining and processing plants includes:

• Study of a land plot (topographical, geological, meteorological, geological) with justification for optimal solutions for its comprehensive preparation, strengthening and protection from possible natural disasters.

• Zoning of the construction site indicating the location of main and auxiliary structures.

• Selection of the optimal layout of access roads, transport hubs, pipelines and power lines.

• Development of engineering and technical solutions aimed at ensuring the stability and safety of structures.

• Justification of architectural solutions, including general layout, detailed plans and purpose of structures.

• Development of a technological process for ore processing and beneficiation, including engineering design of equipment, justification of ore supply chains, storage and shipment of finished products, handling of intermediate products.

• Development of a power supply diagram for the mining and processing complex, indicating electrical substations, power lines, backup power sources, lighting systems, communications, lightning protection devices, grounding and much more.

• Information on the water consumption of the enterprise with a detailed plan for water supply and sanitation, including the development of sources of technical and drinking water, fire extinguishing systems, storm drainage systems, and so on.

• Engineering solutions in the field of HVAC and heating networks, including the design of heat supply sources for a mining and processing plant and air conditioning systems for work areas.

• Activities to protect the environment and public health, including the design of air purification equipment, waste management and wastewater treatment solutions, and measures for the rational use of natural resources.

The above list demonstrates only some of the problems that an engineering team faces when designing mining facilities. A professional approach to these projects allows us to save valuable mineral resources and water, minimize greenhouse gas emissions and achieve sustainable development of the enterprise.

  • Europe
Type of employment:
  • Constant
  • One-time works
  • Combination of works
  • Consultations
  • Design

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