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Investment required in existing business

120 000 00000 RUB
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c. Екатеринбург

1 type of investment: from 3,000 thousand rubles with 10% of net profit per month for direct contracts for the supply of products through your company, or through ours on a receipt without collateral. Payment for products and transport, with your full support of the transaction. Conditions: you receive 10% of the amount every month. We warn you a month in advance about the return of the entire amount, and if you want to withdraw the funds, you also warn us a month in advance; the funds are transferred under a loan agreement, suspended every month. Type 2 of investments – We invite an investor to an existing business for processing polymer waste. If interested, we will provide a business plan. Briefly - partnership in equal shares for polymer processing, return of all investments within a year + monthly share. All conditions are specified in the company’s statutory and constituent documents. All funds must be available in full. 18,000 thousand rubles. 3rd type of investment – Waste sorting and recycling production. Ready-made production with equipment, a site for receiving, sorting and processing polymer waste of about 2.5 hectares with four owned buildings and long-term contracts for the supply of raw materials, including customers for the sale of finished products and also pressed raw materials. 70% share in the business or 100% is for sale. 100% share 18,000,000 rub., 70% share 15,000,000 rub.


  • Russian Federation
Scope of investment:
  • Expansion of production
Investment term:
  • Long-term - more than 5 years
Investment form:
  • Share
Investment conditions:
  • Share
Investment size:
  • From 10 to 50 million rubles

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